FTP protocol (1)

FTP protocol

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OBS streaming

Remote Desktop Protocol (4)

Connecting to an RDP is usually one of the easiest things of this presentation. The software...

Torrent Protocol (1)

Torrent Protocol

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 Cómo conectarse al RDP!

Conectarse a un RDP suele ser una de las cosas más fáciles de esta presentación. El software...

 Cambiar contraseña RDP

Ve a Control Panel - User Account - Click Admnistrator (o tu Nickname) - Change Password

 Steps to follow to connect from windows 10 to your RDP account

There is a bug to connect from windows 10 you must enter this user so that it works correctly...

 How to download files from RDP to your Home PC!

Setting up Filezilla FTP Server is pretty easy. Once installed, launch the Server Interface and...

 Problems with torrent do not download or connect

Our provider sometimes blocks ports to download or connect to torrent servers the solution is...