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Terms of usage – RDPWindows.com
This policy represents the Terms of Service in its entirety and will be applicable to all your transactions as a ‘Customer’ with ‘RDPWindows.com’ as a whole. This policy supersedes any oral promises made by RDPWindows or its staff. If you as a customer have reached an agreement with any of RDPWindows’s official representatives, please make sure they are provided in writing; else they will not be considered valid.

Please read these terms of service in entirety and carefully before you sign up for any of our service(s). By signing up for any of our service(s) you expressly imply that you are bound by the terms listed herein.

General Definitions:
‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Provider’, ‘Company’ or ‘RDPWindows’ represent RDPWindows.com. ‘You’, ‘Your’, ‘Client’, ‘Customer’ and ‘Member’ represent a person or entity who buys services from us.


Banned Activities:
The following activities are banned for use on all our servers and may not be run by any customer(s) unless there is a written permission from us to do so. These activities are banned since they are either illegal / harmful / malicious / increase server loads.

  • Any
  • Any VPN software
  • Any kind of IRC Bots
  • Mining tools
  • Proxy Servers / Websites
  • DDoS / DoS / Brute Force tools
  • Any kind of E-mail spamming tools like AMS or TurboMaiiler
  • Hosting of Game Servers
  • Hacking / Cracking / Carding
  • Mail Bombers
  • Any type of sniffers
  • IP Spoofers
  • Port Scanners
  • Telnet or SSH Access Scripts
  • All versions of UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Boards)
  • Fake Login Pages
  • Resource hogging softwares which takes CPU more than 25%
  • In streaming : Only 1 Transmission per user.

Spam Policy:
Customers may not use our services for spamming activities / sending unsolicited emails / requests. If found doing so, we have the right to terminate customer account without any prior notification and no refund would be issued. RDPWindows.com may ask the customer to prove that the user being e-mailed has opted-in to the mailing list.

Resource Usage Policy:
Bandwidth Usage: All servers / accounts are provided with unmetered bandwidth limits as per the plans selected. Customers are requested to use these wisely. We reserve the right to review / amend / downgrade / upgrade / modify this allocation any time if we feel that this is affecting the server / network performance.

Content Storage and Backup Policy:
All the contents stored on our server(s) by the customer(s) are at the sole risk of customer(s) and RDPWindows.com does not have any liability towards keeping the backups of such content. It is the responsibility of the customer to take regular backups of the content stored on the server(s).


Fees: RDPWindows.com charges the following fees where ever applicable. All such fees are subject to change with a 30 days notice. Not all fees are applicable to all accounts.

• Service Fee – This is the fee for your monthly services.

• Gateway Transaction Fees

Change of Plans:

RDPWindows.com reserves the right to alter, change, amend, or delete fees at its sole discretion. RDPWindows.com further reserves the right to institute new services and charge fees in association with the provision of such new services as it deems appropriate.

RDPWindows.com reserves the right to offer promotional rates which may or may not be more favorable than the terms under which you entered this agreement. Any special rates shall not affect the existing rights and responsibilities of each party. RDPWindows.com also reserves the right to change the rate charged for any such fee under this agreement with 30 days notice.

Payment of Fees – RDPWindows.com accepts payment only by paypal

• Payment Obligations: Full payment is required in advance before service is established. We send out invoices that are due every pay period. You are given fourteen (4) days to fully pay the invoice. You warrant and represent that the information you supply in the order form (or other information that RDPWindows.com may require) is accurate and truthful. All payment-due notices will be sent by email. No bills or invoices will be sent by postal mail or fax. If payment is not received by due date, your account will be suspended. To have your account re-established, you will need to pay the monthly fees.

• Renewals: Your account will be automatically renewed under the same time and fee structure unless you give written notice to fourteen (14) days before the renewal date that you do not wish to renew or make changes to such term of this agreement.

Cancellations: All cancellation requests must be sent 5 (five) days before the due date of the invoice. If you do not raise a cancellation request and are not paying the invoice as well, the due date is the server expiration date. The server will be wiped of all data due to customer privacy. Data on the server will be retained only if a cancellation request is received well in time.

Payment Disputes and Chargebacks:
Customer agrees to contact our billing department and attempt to resolve any billing issues before filing a dispute / payment chargeback. The decision of the bank / payment processor will be final and binding once a payment dispute / chargeback is filed. RDPWindows.com will in no case overrule this decision.

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